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Refugee Week 2024

The theme for Refugee Week 2024 is “Our Home”. From the cosy corners where we gather to share meals to the sprawling landscapes of our borough – everyone is invited to celebrate what Our Home means to them.

Home in Calderdale can be the embrace of the rolling hills or the echo of the Calder River. It could be the tunes of folk music or the warmth of community gatherings. It’s in the aroma of locally sourced foods and the vibrant arts scene that reflects our diverse cultures.

Finding home can be a journey, especially for those who have sought refuge here in our community. Sometimes it’s in the kindness of a single person. And often, it’s in the simple acts of care and welcome extended to newcomers.

What if, this Refugee Week, we extended our hospitality beyond our own homes and made entire neighbourhoods in Calderdale more welcoming? Small gestures like a friendly chat, a stroll together, or a message of welcome can foster a sense of belonging for everyone. Together, let’s work in solidarity to ensure all our neighbours, old and new, have safe and welcoming homes here in Calderdale.

Our home is not just local, it’s global. We are interconnected; we share the earth’s resources, climate, and its challenges. As we celebrate, the climate crisis has displaced millions of people worldwide. But by sharing knowledge, both new and traditional, we can find practical solutions and build hope for the future.

This Refugee Week in Calderdale, let’s embody solidarity and make Our Home a more welcoming, safe, and sustainable place for all. Join us from June 17th to 23rd for Refugee Week 2024!

We’ll be adding our events for this year’s celebration over the coming weeks – so keep an eye out and pop back to see what’s happening and how you can get involved!