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Birds of Compassion: Spreading Wings of Solidarity

At Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary, we are passionate about promoting compassion and creating a supportive community for people seeking refuge and asylum. That’s why we are so excited to announce and take part in a unique project from St. Augustine’s Centre that allows you to make a meaningful contribution and express your solidarity with those who have been displaced. Join us this Refugee Week as we participate in the Birds of Compassion initiative, an inspiring display of unity and empathy.

Birds have long held symbolic meaning across cultures and represent freedom, migration, and resilience. In the context of Refugee Week, they become even more powerful, symbolizing the journeys and struggles faced by individuals forced to leave their homes in search of safety and a better life. By creating and displaying a flock of paper birds, we aim to showcase our collective support and highlight the strength and determination of refugees.

Making Your Bird of Compassion:

Participating in the Birds of Compassion project is simple and rewarding. We invite you to make one or even more birds using the provided templates, which can be found here: Birds of Compassion Information Booklet.

The booklet offers detailed instructions and suggestions for designing your bird. Feel free to get creative and add a personal touch to each creation. Let your bird become a representation of your compassion and support for those seeking sanctuary.

Displaying Your Birds:

Once your bird is complete, we kindly ask you to drop it off at St. Augustine’s Centre by the 15th of June. We are eager to collect as many birds as possible to form a stunning display at Artworks, where they will be exhibited from the 19th to the 25th of June. This collective murmuration of birds will serve as a powerful visual statement, conveying our solidarity and commitment to supporting people affected by displacement.

Spread the Word!

We believe that the more people involved, the stronger our message of compassion will be. We encourage you to share this project with your friends, family, and colleagues, inviting them to join in creating their birds of compassion. Together, we can make a significant impact and foster a community that embraces diversity and empathy.

Join us in celebrating the strength and determination of refugees by making your bird and sharing this project with others. Together, we can create a powerful statement of compassion that resonates far beyond the confines of our community!