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Calderdale Libraries working towards Library of Sanctuary Award

Exciting News: Calderdale Libraries are on the path to becoming a Library of Sanctuary!

Great strides have been made by the Calderdale Library service over the past year as they work towards achieving the prestigious national award of becoming a Library of sanctuary. This esteemed recognition is bestowed upon libraries that go above and beyond to create a welcoming environment for people seeking sanctuary.

Just recently, an enthusiastic panel gathered on May 4th to review Calderdale’s submission in detail. The panel comprised members from Valley of Sanctuary, St Augustine’s Centre, and families who have sought sanctuary and now utilise the library. Joining them were David, Roberta, Caroline, and James from the library service, who not only shared their efforts but also eagerly listened to the invaluable insights and experiences of the panel members.

The panel members were truly amazed by what they discovered during the discussion. Calderdale Library offers so much more than just books! They were captivated by the library’s inviting and well-lit building, the warm and friendly staff, and the serene space it provides. It was described as a safe haven, offering a wealth of books and a range of facilities to explore.

During the conversation, the panel explored ways to make information more accessible in different languages, support individuals seeking sanctuary in their volunteering endeavours, and stressed the importance of helping children preserve their home country’s language, which often gets lost upon their arrival in the UK.

The unwavering commitment and passion demonstrated by the Calderdale Library service in creating an inclusive library are truly commendable. We eagerly await the outcome of their application and stand beside them in their journey to build a space that embraces diversity, fosters learning, and offers sanctuary to all.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this inspiring journey together, and make sure to join in via live stream for the Libraries Refugee Week event with Gulwali Passarlay!