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SoulStation’s Spring Welcome Event: A Heartwarming Experience for People Seeking Asylum

SoulStation welcomes people seeking asylum at a Spring Welcome event

SoulStation, a Brighouse-based charity and Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary Member, recently held a Spring Welcome Event at The Space that brought together people seeking safety and a better life. The event,  filled with tonnes of activities and cultural sharing, was a heartwarming experience that fed the soul of those who have experienced immense pain and sorrow.

Food at Soulstation welcome eventAt the event, attendees were able to participate in fun and engaging activities such as bingo, traditional dancing, and cooking and sharing food from their home countries. Children were even given plants to care for and enjoyed having their faces painted for the very first time. The event was a safe space for individuals who may not have access to a kitchen, limited funds, or interaction with the wider community.

But on a deeper level, SoulStation was providing so much more than just entertainment and food. It was about welcoming and valuing people seeking sanctuary as human beings who deserve safety and a better life. SoulStation’s founder, Jodi, hopes that “one day we can live in a world that is safe for everyone, free from persecution, fear, threat, and violence. But until then, we are doing what we can to help those who need sanctuary feel safe and loved.”

We were pleased to help sponsor the Spring Welcome, and are glad to know that SoulStation hopes to facilitate similar events in the future. We know they’ll continue to spread joy and happiness into the lives of those who need it most!

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