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Sudan & Anti-Refugee Laws

Sudan & the Anti-Refugee Laws:  Join the Movement for a Kinder System

Millions of innocent lives are at risk due to the surge of violence in Sudan. Despite this, MPs have recently voted in favour of the Illegal Migration Bill (or anti-refugee laws), which could devastate refugees seeking safety.

Sudanese people, who already account for 23% of arrivals by small boat from 2018-2022, have virtually no safe routes to reach the UK. 84% of those currently arriving from Sudan are successful in their asylum application and granted refugee status. However, the latest Bill’s hostile rules mean that Sudanese people fleeing war and violence could face detainment and deportation upon arrival in the UK. This cruel action disregards the UK’s responsibility under international law.

At Calderdale Valley of Sanctuary, we believe in fair treatment for anyone seeking asylum – and not offshore, either. We must prioritize more safe routes for people fleeing war and persecution, just as we welcomed refugees from Ukraine. Seeking asylum is not illegal, and we have an obligation to respect that no matter how a person arrives to this country.

The crisis in Sudan provides just another example of how the Government’s draconian policies, including the latest Bill, fail to represent the true empathy and kindness of the UK people. So, what can you do?

1. Join our movement of kindness and sign the pledge to show your support for refugees.

2. Contact your MP and urge them to fight this Bill.

3. Show solidarity by displaying and sharing orange hearts 🧡. Positive and compassionate messages matter. Use the orange heart emoji and #TogetherWithRefugees.

4. Share your love for local organizations fighting against the Bill and supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Calderdale. You can help through fundraising, volunteering, or simply standing in solidarity.

5. Join us in our mission by signing up as a supporter or member of CVoS and spread awareness of the work we do.

Together, we can make a difference!