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Stand up against the Refugee Ban Bill

Right now our MPs are debating the new Refugee Ban Bill. This new law sets out changes to the system that would mean, amongst other changes, that anyone arriving by small boat will not be able to claim asylum.

There is no visa to come to the UK to claim asylum, and yet one must reach the UK to claim asylum. It’s a catch-22.

For that fundamental reason, there will always be people attempting to cross the channel. And furthermore, people have a right to come to the UK and seek asylum as permitted under the Refugee Convention.

The majority of those who do travel across the Channel are eventually given refugee status. That means our own government recognises that they are fleeing war and persecution and deserve safety on these shores.

Each person is due a fair assessment, and avoiding our responsibility to do so erodes our duties under international law to protect those who are forced to risk everything in the hope of finding sanctuary.

How can you take a stand?

Tell this government: We oppose the Refugee Ban Bill. Add your name to Freedom From Torture’s petition.

Write to your MP. Use Refugee Action’s template letter to ask your MP to represent you by standing up against the new law. Click here to find your MP’s contact details.

Speak out.
Write to the newspaper, share campaigns on social media, talk about it with your family, friends and colleagues. The government says that we want this law – so we need to make it clear that this isn’t true and doesn’t represent who we are.

Donate to local frontline organisations.
We’re louder and stronger when we’re together. Whatever resources you have – time, funds or space – there’s a group that needs your help.

  • St. Augustine’s Centre is Calderdale’s specialist charity working with people seeking asylum and new refugees who are rebuilding their lives in Calderdale.
  • Light Up BAHC is committed to breaking barriers, improving lives, and promoting participation and cohesion, especially for people of African descent, Black & Minority Ethnic communities.
  • Together We Grow promotes social and emotional wellbeing of refugees & people seeking asylum by helping them engage in meaningful activities.

Believe in the power of Welcome.
Sometimes it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and dispirited. But every act you take, each small step, makes a difference. When we take small steps together, we make an even bigger difference.

That’s why we exist.

We believe in a future built on kindness and we know we can make that a reality.