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We are the pearls of hope, we are the gems of estimable value so full of strength and love. We are unconditional lovers, even when we see the things we give our life to being taken or broken, we still care. We have been hurt, abused and sometimes we feel lonely and lost in this fragile world but we together have formed the strongest bonds and will be there for one another. We are lovers of light we love deeply despite our darkness we are the pearls of hope. We embrace the lonely, care for the sick, give hope to the poor, and comfort to the homeless,we are the brilliant stars.We will sing together with melodious voices to heal a troubled soul. We will share whatever we have to bring you cheer and hope. We would climb the highest mountain and cross the deepest sea if it would heal and comfort you. We are The Pearls of Hope, together we shine in the glimmering lake.

Written by: Jeanette, Cathy Jones

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