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On Monday, 14th June 2021, we held a Refugee Week Launching Webinar that was designed, delivered, and managed by experts of experience. It was a nice and interactive webinar attended by representatives of organizations, local authorities, and individuals.

Experts by Experience expressed their views and shared their talents and stories with the audience. They felt that they are empowered by giving them a chance to run the webinar. They also thanked the organizations who supported them and walked with their asylum and refugee journey.

We are delighted to share two of the poems that they presented for the webinar event. Enjoy reading it


We are not Alone,
We can not walk alone,
Hold my hand love, hold it tight.
Smile with my love, smile it bright
Let us all walk together on the journey towards love and kindness, A journey where we can not walk alone. A walk where we can never be sadden, a walk of dreams my Love! A walk towards a better future, a walk to remember.,
Hold my hand love, hold it tight, let us all dream big Love, let us all be together and hug tight,
Hold my hand love, hold it tight, let us all walk my love, let us all walk towards a beautiful life more dignified,
And believe my words love! something made me and Us believe in change,
Caught in a wild storm of hot and truthful rain.
As we are not alone. We cannot walk alone my Love. Hold my hand love! Hold it tight.
Written by: Hina

My Thirst for Freedom.Hear my cry for Freedom.

Dry my tears for i am in pain and agony.

Release me from this suffering.

Free this caged bird so it can fly so high as it journeys to freedom.

Alone I wonder,tormented I shed a tear as i look back only to feel trapped in painful memories of yesterday.

Free me from pain,Free me from violence,Free me from oppression,Free me from destitution,Free me from hate and crime.Sing me a song of freedom,bring hope to this broken winged bird.

Release me from this pain coz i want to be free.After the dark gloomy night,I know the sun will still shine,I Thirst for Freedom i will stand and fight for it! .

Written by: Jeanette, Cathy Jones



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