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When your end is drawing near, call on me i ll be there.
When all hope is gone and you want to shed a tear, dont hold on, hold my hand.
Count on me when times are hard and you feel so sad and blue.
When the whole world shuts you out ,i will be there,to bring back love and glimmering hope to your world in total dispair.

Even though you are nothing but a broken piece of pottery ,i will be there to mend it again and paint it beautifully.

To give you light like a candle in the dark.
And to put a smile back on your face i ll be there.

To whisper sweetwords of pure delight,i ll be there.
I wont give up on you when your life seems hopeless,i ll stand by you forever.

Like your shadow i ll be next to you.
Hold on dont give up,there is light at the end of the tunnel and a Glory that will shine upon us.

Together we will be Alright.
Hold my hand sister i ll be there because i care…


by Jeanette Jones

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