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Statement on the PM’s Backlog Plan

We know the asylum backlog is a huge problem. We’ve been talking about this for a while. So efforts to fast-track the queue and process awaiting applications sound like a positive step, right?

Not when they look like this.

Just imagine. You and your family, waiting months and years for a life-or-death decision. Suddenly, you are given just 20 days to fill out a lengthy & emotionally triggering form in 20 days – in French. Likely no translator, no lawyer.

Could you do it?

Plus it’s limited to 5 countries with high acceptance rates (Afghanistan, Eritrea, Libya, Syria, Yemen). What about Sudan (grant rate 92%) & others like Iran? What about the thousands of children we’re totally failing? Or the 10,000 people who have waited over 3 years for a decision already?

We are glad that the Prime Minister has acknowledged that the backlog can be reduced. He should also avoid unnecessary suffering by putting people at the heart of the policy.

Read more about the plan in The Guardian here.