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Protecting Identities: A Note on the Re-Release of ‘I am Skillful, I am Talented’

In a world where storytelling has the power to bring about change and foster understanding, we are reminded of the complexities and challenges faced by refugees and people seeking asylum.

The ‘I am Skillful, I am Talented’ project, which aimed to showcase the skills and talents of individuals with lived experiences of the asylum system, encountered an unexpected hurdle shortly after its release. We received a sobering reminder that the journey for those who have obtained refugee status is far from over, and the dangers and threats they face can transcend time and country borders.


Protecting Identities

During the production of the project’s videos, an unforeseen circumstance arose that compelled us to remove and take down certain content. It became necessary to edit the footage to protect the identity of one of the participants. This challenging decision served as a poignant reminder that even after gaining refugee status, individuals remain vulnerable and continue to face potential risks to their safety.

Refugee status is not a guarantee of absolute security. The threats and perils faced by refugees can extend beyond their country of origin and persist long after their journey to safety begins. It is crucial to recognize that safeguarding the identities of those who have experienced persecution is essential for their ongoing protection and wellbeing.


The Power of Storytelling 

The ‘I am Skillful, I am Talented’ project was an empowering endeavour, providing a platform for individuals to share their stories and talents. However, the recent setback also reminds us of the responsibility we bear as facilitators of those stories. Whilst we strive to amplify the voices of those with lived experiences, we must also prioritise their safety and protect their identities from potential harm.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to sharing stories that uplift and empower. The re-release of the ‘I am Skillful, I am Talented’ videos, after careful editing to protect identities, serves as a testament to our dedication to both storytelling and the safety of those involved.

Together, let us continue to amplify voices, raise awareness, and work towards a more inclusive and compassionate world that recognises the ongoing struggles faced by refugees and people seeking asylum.


Please celebrate the re-release of these videos and honour the dedication of those involved by watching and sharing them far and wide!

Final video РI am Skillful, I am Talented:
Behind the Scenes Reel:


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