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Together We Grow Turns 5!

May 2020 celebrates Together We Grow’s 5th Birthday!

Together We Grow is a highly valued member of Valley of Sanctuary. They have been promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of asylum seekers and refugees in our area for the past 5 years, and we are excited for the next 5.

230+ participants from 20 countries – 50+ local volunteers – £38,000 income, 28% in local donations

They have forged inspiring partnerships including: local churches / chapels, mosques, The Red Cross, theatres, cinemas, St Augustine’s Centre, Lamet Habayeb, Redacre Community Allotments, charity shops, choirs, local community groups and many more.
I had to leave my homeland, my loving family and my work back in Palestine. Together we Grow was my new home, its volunteers were my new loving family, and caring for others in TWG was my new work. Now I believe that the seed of goodness is planted inside our hearts and together we grow it with caring, love, peace, trust, diversity, help and respect till all of our dreams come trueIbrahim Alejla
Their activities include:
  • Visits to local homes
  • Cinema and theatre trips
  • Our walking group
  • 2 Welcome festivals (750 people)
  • The Great Get Together Weekends
  • 1 to 1 Conversation time
  • Joining in local festivals
  • Playing in local parks
  • Arabic cookery classes
  • A trip to the seaside
  • Camping in the Pennines in chilly August!
  • A weekend in the Lake District
  • Holding animals on a farm
  • Donations of much needed goods

AND a hugely popular Leisure Activities scheme, paying for gym memberships, swimming lessons

A huge thank you to the Management Committee of 15 from 8 different countries for your time and ideas

You can see the full 5 year report here:

To keep updated on their amazing work, follow them on Facebook: