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Join us for Refugee Week on 15th – 21st June 2020. The theme is IMAGINE.

As part of the Refugee Week, Jubilee Children Centre would like you to draw an image of your ideal home and place this image in your window. They will then take a photo of the image and make a collage that will be posted on our website

If you would like to take part and live in the HX1 area, please contact Asha Bibi on 07786 701754 to request a pack and to register your interest. Resources are limited and we can only offer packs on a first come first served basis. Once you register your interest, we will deliver your pack safely. The image will need to be placed in your window on 21st June 2020 for us to be able to take a photo.

If you would like to take part but are outside of the HX1 area, unfortunately we are not able to provide a pack. However, you are more than welcome to take part by drawing an image of your ideal home, take a picture of it and submit a photo to [email protected] Please do not submit any photographs that include your children as those will be deleted due to GDPR.

Deadline to register your interest is Friday 12th June 2020 by 12pm.